1923 second season: when does it premiere

1923 second season: surprises, cast updates, and suspense await

Viewers expressed excitement following the premiere of the Yellowstone spin-off, 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, in December 2022.

1923 serves as the second prelude to Yellowstone, in which Kevin Costner portrays the fictional character John Dutton. Prior to this, the show 1883, featuring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, was aired in December 2021. Taking place 40 years after 1883, this spin-off focuses on Jacob and Cara Dutton, characters brought to life by Ford and Mirren, respectively.

Before the first season’s finale of 1923, it was announced by Paramount+ that the show would be returning for a second season. Yet, the dual strikes by WGA and SAG-AFTRA have impacted the production timeline.

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This pause in production doesn’t dampen the enthusiasm for the upcoming season. Here’s a closer look at what to expect from the second season of 1923:

When is the release date for season 2 of 1923?
While on the Today show in February 2023, Harrison Ford delighted fans by confirming the second season of 1923 and his continued participation as Jacob Dutton. Since that announcement, there’s been no official word on the release date, which is likely affected by the industry strikes.

Ford, discussing his role in December 2022, mentioned to The New York Times his passion for acting, stating he isn’t planning on retiring as he finds joy in the filmmaking process.

Who’s in the cast for 1923’s second season?
Besides Ford, season two will feature Helen Mirren, Darren Mann, Brandon Sklenar, Michelle Randolph, Jerome Flynn, Aminah Nieves, Julia Schlaepfer, Brian Geraghty, Timothy Dalton, Sebastian Rouche, Robert Patrick, and Isabel May.

Taylor Sheridan, the series’ creator, spoke to Deadline in December 2022, expressing the enthusiasm of both Ford and Mirren for the project, despite initially signing on for just one season. Mirren shared a light-hearted moment at TheWrap’s 2023 Awards Season Screening Series about her experience filming with Ford.

What’s the plot for 1923’s second season?
Details about the storyline for the next season remain secretive. The climax of the first season saw confrontations and cliffhangers, leaving audiences eager for what’s next.

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Is there a trailer available for the second season?
Currently, no trailer for 1923’s second season has been released.

Where can viewers stream the second season?
The series, 1923, is available on Paramount+.

Who’s at the helm for the next season?
Ben Richardson, having directed the majority of episodes in the debut season, is on board to direct the upcoming season.

Updates on filming for the next season?
Although the shooting for the second season was slated to start in June 2023, it’s been postponed due to industry strikes. The new commencement date remains uncertain.

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