6 things to do when you are having a bad day on your project

What to do when you are having a bad day during your project? Here are six tips that you might find useful (and that I have also written for myself today).

Focus on… something.
Scrap your huge to-do list (if you can), stop multitasking, and try solving one problem. If you find joy from that… solve the next one!

Don’t feel bad about feeling bad.
Can’t you feel your energy fading away as you keep repeating how bad what you’re feeling feels? Acknowledge it, yes, but don’t let it drown you in sorrow.

Learn something.
Read that article you have kept on your inbox. Look for possible answers to a problem you face. Watch a video about a useful topic for your job or an area of interest. Taking something in helps you look for the next thing to learn, to do, to conquer.

Think of a positive triumph.
Try going back to that mindset that has made you conquer something before. Put your good memories to use and try to kickstart a fresh batch of good vibrations.

Move your body.
You don’t need to do a full workout or jog for an hour. Just put yourself into motion… your body will bring your mind along.

Write about it.
When you try to put things in a certain order or to organize your thoughts on paper or memos, you are forced to rationalize practically and break a big problem into smaller pieces. A great spark can come from that. Knowledge is, after all, as powerful as they say.

Good vibes only… but maybe not today?

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