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Pinning your way to blogging success: a fresh take on Pinterest strategy

While Pinterest might conjure up images of DIY crafts, dreamy travel destinations, or mouthwatering recipes, there’s a lot more to this platform than meets the eye. For bloggers, Pinterest is a visual search engine, a branding tool, and an engagement booster rolled into one. Let’s embark on a journey to unveil some unconventional ways to use Pinterest for blogging.

1. Storyboard Your Blog Posts

Before penning down your next blog post, create a Pinterest board dedicated to it. Pin related images, articles, and inspiration. This process not only serves as a brainstorming tool but also offers a sneak peek to your followers about what’s brewing.

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2. The Art of Infographics

Turn your blog’s key points into an engaging infographic. With Pinterest being an image-centric platform, visually appealing infographics can drive traffic back to your blog. Platforms like Canva offer easy-to-use tools to craft compelling infographics, even if you’re not a graphic design wizard.

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3. Collaborative Boards for Community Building

Create a collaborative Pinterest board where your readers can pin their takes, experiences, or related content on the topics you blog about. It not only drives engagement but also strengthens the sense of community.

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4. Dive Deep with Video Pins

Leverage the power of Pinterest’s video pins. Convert snippets of your blog post or a teaser of your upcoming content into a short video. These video pins, with their autoplay feature, can grab attention and lead pinners directly to your blog.

5. Spotlight on User-Generated Content

If your blog has testimonials, reader experiences, or any user-generated content, showcase it on Pinterest. Create dedicated boards or pins highlighting your readers’ voices. It’s an authentic way to build trust and community.

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6. Seasonal and Trending Boards

Pinterest users often search for seasonal content. Having boards dedicated to seasonal topics related to your niche can enhance visibility. Additionally, stay updated with Pinterest trends and integrate them into your strategy.

7. Analytics is Your Compass

Dive deep into Pinterest analytics. Understand which pins are driving traffic, the demographics of your audience, and their interests. Tailoring your content based on these insights can significantly amplify engagement and reach.

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Pinterest, with its blend of visuals and search capability, offers a vast playground for bloggers to expand their horizons. By thinking outside the box and adopting unconventional strategies, one can tap into Pinterest’s full potential, turning pins into impressions, engagement, and loyal readership.

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