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Top 10 artificial intelligence traffic report: ChatGPT reigns supreme in 2023 (with surprises!)

A recent exploration into the artificial intelligence industry’s pulse from September 2022 to August 2023, led by Writerbuddy, dishes out some unexpected revelations about the top 10 most frequented AI tools.

Ditching the typical rundown, this report takes you on a ride without getting bogged down in the details. The study, leveraging SEMrush, a rock-solid SEO tool, dug into data extracted from AI tool directories.

The star of the show? ChatGPT, emerging as the unequivocal champion, claiming a whopping 60% of the top 50 AI tool traffic. How many page views does ChatGPT brought in one year? Brace yourself for a colossal 14 billion visits out of a grand total of 24 billion over the year.

ChatGPT, making its debut in November 2022, flaunts a jaw-dropping total traffic of 14.6 billion in the past year. Let that sink in – a cool 1.5 billion visits every month. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a behemoth, reigning supreme with a hefty 60.17% of the entire traffic, event if not bulletproof to outages and hackers attacks.

Character AI, a chatbot luminary born in September 2022, grabs the spotlight with a respectable 3.8 billion visits, generously contributing 15.77% to the overall traffic. A monthly average of 318.8 million? Not too shabby.

QuillBot, donning the hat of an AI writing virtuoso, pulls in 1.1 billion visits, marking its territory with 4.68% of the total traffic. It faced a slight dip but held its ground with an admirable monthly average of 94.6 million visits.

Midjourney, the AI-powered image wizard born in July 2022, clocks in at 500.4 million visits, securing a modest 2.06% of the entire traffic. A bumpy ride with a net loss of 8.7 million visits, but hey, still in the game.

Huggingface, the haven for data science enthusiasts, logs a cool 316.6 million visits, adding a respectable 1.31% to the overall traffic. Monthly visits at 26.4 million? That’s data love right there.

Google Bard, the new kid on the block since March 2023, storms in with an impressive 241.6 million visits in just six months. That’s 1.00% of the total traffic, enjoying a net growth of 68 million. Fast and furious.

Novelai, the wordsmith in the AI realm, spins a tale of 238.7 million visits, composing a symphony of 0.98% of the entire traffic. Monthly increments of 918.9K visits? That’s a novel approach.

Capcut, the video virtuoso, notches up a respectable 203.8 million visits, dancing in with 0.84% of the overall traffic. Monthly gains of 1.3 million visits? Cue the video magic.

Janitorai, another chatbot maestro, steps into the ring with 192.4 million visits. High fives for that stellar monthly average of 48.1 million, contributing 0.79% to the entire traffic.

Civitai, the image maestro, adds strokes of brilliance with 177.2 million visits, painting a canvas with a monthly average of 17.7 million and claiming 0.73% of the total traffic. A masterpiece in growth with a net traffic gain of 23.3 million.

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